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Since 2020

Snijders Yachts Specialises in Bespoke Luxury Yacht Tenders and Expert Yacht Maintenance

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Bespoke Luxury

Our quest for excellence guides us. Snijders Yachts are exceptionally designed and built, and everything we do reflects our commitment towards outstanding quality.
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More Than Personalized

Our commitment is to translate your visions into reality. Snijders Yachts can build your tender from your inspiration, working in collaboration with our team to perfect and deliver your vision. We are here to bring your dream limousine tender to life.


Snijders are capable of fulfilling your ambitious vision, employing both quality and craftsmanship to deliver the purest representation of nautical luxury.


Every discipline of nautical expertise is at your disposal, from conceptual design through to the delivered limousine tender,

Finest Materials

Our expert designers and craftspeople will bring together the finest materials as they work with you to create a limousine tender that’s as unique as you are.


Our Partners

Designing and building world class limousine tenders requires us to reconsider all elements, from interiors to sound systems and running gear. Collaboration is crucial. To move beyond incremental improvements to true transformation, we work are proud to work with our industry leading partners.

Snijders Tenders

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