Although there are many reasons to update or refit a yacht, most owners begin to seriously look into a refit under two conditions:

  • The age of the ship necessitates an update to more modern and energy efficient systems, along with repair of general wear and tear that takes place over the years.

  • Prior to a change in ownership, as new owners will likely want to put their personal "stamp" on the vessel.

Other reasons for refit and maintenance can include changes to the ship to meet regulatory requirements, insurance agreements and emergency repairs. More and more, we see the owners of older yachts opting for refits to more eco-friendly systems.

The typical refit and repair services handled by full-service shipyards includes:

  • Machinery Overhaul
  • Electric System Repair and Refit
  • Electronics (Updating and Servicing)
  • Hydraulic Systems Checks
  • Rig and Spar Inspection
  • Full Yacht Renovation and Transformation
  • Interior Design Changes
  • Painting (interior and Exterior)
  • Refrigeration and AC Systems Servicing and Refitting
  • Composite Materials Repair

Refitting also presents a great opportunity to put the crew through training on how to operate and maintain any new equipment that is being fitted.

Overall, refitting a yacht can be so extensive that, with extensions and structural changes, there are no severe constraints to what can be done in a reasonable amount of down-time. With the technologies available today, owners can look at a refit in much the same way as fitting out of a newly built yacht.

If you are considering a re-fit of your yacht, or have questions concerning a re-fit, get in touch with our team. We can lead you through all the steps involved to make the process as smooth as possible!