We are extremely happy to announce that Snijders Yachts has acquired exclusive dealership rights for Scanner Marine in the Benelux!

As you know, Snijders Yachts always aims to deliver the finest quality and to exceed the wishes of our customers. Our new collaboration with Scanner Marine will reinforce this already established reputation, and strengthen the position of both Scanner Marine and Snijders Yachts in the Benelux market.

As a result of this partnership, we have updated our website with technical information, photos and video to make you familiar with the Scanner Marine Envy line of RIBs.

If you have any questions about these state-of-the-art RIBs, please contact us! We are happy to answer all your questions!

We can be reached at
Tel: +31 10 899 6230
Mobile: +31 (0)6 39 567308
Email: [email protected]